Difference entre slot et socket

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There are also Socket API's and api's that are named starting with Tcp, like TcpListener. If that is what you are talking about, as some people seem to believe, then the Tcp classes are just higher level abstractions that wrap the low level Socket classes in order to make them easier to use.

Difference between Slot and Socket | PCMech Community Forum Jul 19, 2002 · The slotket was used to install socket 370 CPUs in a slot 1. The difference is how the CPU attaches to the mobo. A socket is what it sounds like: a flat socket that the CPU goes in. A slot interface is like the slot that memory goes in: a row with connectors on each side. Difference between slot and socket processors - slideshare.net Nov 26, 2016 · Difference between slot and socket processors. Slot and Socket Processors In terms of processors, a slot refers to a computer processor connection included in order to make the process of upgrading your computer processor a lot easier. When using a slot, all the user needs to do is to slip the processor into the slot.

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What Are the Differences between a Plug and Socket? The precise difference between a plug and socket varies, depending on the specific industry and country of origin. Generally, plugs have prongs that fit into slots in a socket. Pins, prongs, or other protrusions on a plug are called male ends. Slots, holes and other receptacles on a socket are called female ends. What is the difference between a "socket" and "slot ...

socket.on() - event listener, can be called on client to execute on server socket.emit() - send to all connected clients socket.broadcast.emit() - send to all connected clients except the one that sent the message

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If client was speaking, the server socket would be listening. Then the server socket would speak back and client socket would be listening. The difference is, that the client would initiate connection and only listen to responses while server socket would always listen and only speak as a response.

Intel Sockets: LGA 775, LGA 1156, LGA 1366, And LGA 1155 Socket LGA 775. Socket LGA 775 (also called Socket T) is used by the Core 2 Duo/Quad processors, the most recent versions of the Intel ... Processor Socket and Slot Types - InformIT Processor Socket and Slot Types. Intel and AMD have created a set of socket and slot designs for their processors. Each socket or slot is designed to support a different range of original and upgrade processors. Table 3.18 shows the designations for the various 486 and newer processor sockets/slots and lists the chips designed to plug into them. Socket FM2 - Wikipedia Socket FM2 is a CPU socket used by AMD's desktop Trinity and Richland APUs to connect to the motherboard as well as Athlon X2 and Athlon X4 processors based on them. FM2 was launched on September 27, 2012. [Résolu] CM 1155 ou 1156 - cm par azertybis - openclassrooms.com Je plussoie, les CPU d'INTEL sur socket LGA1156 (Core i3 5xx, i5 6xx/7x0 et i7 8xx... pas les Core i7 9xx qui vont sur le socket LGA1366) ont été remplacés par ceux sur socket LGA1155 (Core i3 2xxx, i5 2xxx et i7 2600) avec lesquels ils sont totalement incompatibles. Aujourd'hui, ces derniers seraient effectivement un bien meilleur choix.

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A typical A19 is 2.375 inches in diameter (19/8 = 2.375) and 4.13 inches in height, while an A21 is 2.625 inches in diameter (21/8 = 2.625) and about 5 inches in height. Although the size difference is negligible in most applications, many buyers have been wanting to know why higher-wattage household LED bulbs are made in a larger size. Socket P CPU in Socket M | NotebookReview Socket P CPU in Socket M. ... difference between the pinouts of socket M and socket P. Would it be worth ripping a pin off my T7300 to try it in a notebook that is ...